• Fully bitumen compatible and compatible with all insulation boards

  • User-friendly and quick and simple to install.

  • Heat or solvent-welding effectively provides seamless roof coverings.

  • Membranes remain permanently weldable.

  • Smooth surface that does not retain dirt.

  • Light colours promote good solar reflectivity.

  • Excellent mechanical properties due to high strength and elongation.

  • Resistant solar radiation without protective coatings.

  • Suitable for the use under paviours or other load spreading layers (e.g. car parks), and roof gardens.

  • Self-extinguishing and comply with all regulations for fire resistance.

  • Resistant to Chemical pollution in the environment.

  • Compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System.

  • Resistant to root penetration (can be used in roof gardens without the need for separate root resistant membranes).

  • Low vapour diffusion resistance (trapped moisture can escape through the membrane without causing blisters).

  • Can be recycled.

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